The Pizza Metaphor

Allendale Columbia's schedule is like a pizza

At first it was just a plain cheese pizza. It was simple, worked well, and was classical. Then people claimed that it was too bland, so they added some things to it to zest it up

It was now a pizza with pepperoni and spices. As pizzas were, it was fun, interesting, and had some good ideas to it, but some people decided that they didn't like pepperoni so they decided to modify it again

It is now a pizza with battery acid and no cheese. They explained that they took off the cheese to make it simpler for everyone, but the reason why they added the battery acid is never truly explained. No one wants to eat the pizza, but it's unsure whether or not we should send it back to be made again. Next time they might decide to get rid of the crust and give us a glass of battery acid