The AC Highschool Cliques

In every teen movie made to date, they have represented the school as a place in which you better find your pack and stick to it, or else you will be left out in the cold.

For the most part, AC is free of cliques up until highschool. Then of course the people naturally drift into their own little happy groups. This guide will help you know which clique is for you, and how you can identify them by look and action

Social Media Clique

This clique is the stereotypical american teenager you've seen in every teen flick since "Revenge of The Nerds." They are constantly on their phones and talking about things they've seen online in someone's profile. I think I've even heard that if you take away their phones it's like unplugging a laptop. They just shut down like robots. Requires further testing

Identifiable features:

  • Age: Usually found around High School, with great abundance in the current 9th grade, but you can find some in training in the middle school
  • Sex: I'd put a rough estimate at 95% female. I've seen a few guys fall into the category of Social Media Clique, but hardly enough to tip the scales
  • Outfits: Whatever is trendiest so as to attain the approval of the pack
  • Other: As mentioned above, you will never find them without their cell phones. You will constantly see them with them and will likely bump into a few in the halls as a result of their self-absorption. Usually some brand of apple product because all the rest of the pack has it, and anything else might cause issues with the other members of the pack

Athletic Clique

A clique that tends to be more subtle unless you know what you are looking for. They tend to travel in packs of 2 or 3, and have several adult patriarchs looking over them. Many people in the sports clique are involved in more than one sport and seem to always be at them to some degree. Entry into the group is simple, but leaving is the problem. You will likely be hounded for months about joining back in after you have become a member. Ever-fluid, the group has more members than most other cliques, and you will find that many members are in some other group as well

Identifiable Features

  • Age: Many of the member of the clique get roped in at middle school, and stay with it until graduation, at which point they move onto another Athletic Clique in college
  • Sex: Women are the more numerous members of the group (while many are in this clique and others at the same time), but it is clear that the men of the clique are the alpha males. Males are treated as borderline celebrities by the females of the school, and the female sport members form a very tight knit sisterhood of their own
  • Outfits: Sweatpants, windbreakers, and running shoes are the uniform of the Athletic Clique. Either because it's easy when moving onto sports, or as some sort of plumage to alert other schoolmembers of their status as a Athletic Clique member
  • Other: You can identify them by their unique call of "I didn't do it, I had a game last night." It is signature of the group

"Midget Mafia"

This group has attained a sort of infamy in the school as annoyances who do outrageous things for a laugh. They are loud, rambunctious, destructive, and close knit. They have been known to speak about "jumping in" members of the group in a sort of pack hazing. The details of it are not fully known, but are rumored to involve the consumption of different draughts that cause sickening effects. There are also members of the group who are only honorary in nature and do not have to take part in the hazing ritual. Pack size is small, but the members of the group have a connection unlike many others in the school, though we wish they would have the connection a little quieter. The exact number of members is not known.

Identifiable features:

  • Age: Almost entirely 10th grade, with some outside half-members who are older
  • Sex: Purely male, and hyper-masculine. There are likely females who could be members of the group, but would likely get hit on by the pack leader. Pack dominance is decided by size, and the smallest member is the leader of the group
  • Outfit: Nothing really set in stone, with members having their own select style. The main identifiable feature is that of their height. Not a single member is above 5'10"
  • Other: Very much akin to the annoying hyenas from "The Lion King", both in action and intelligence

Social Justice Crowd

A group of people who are hyper-political for their age, and will likely feel much at home in college (for political reasons more than anything). They frequently petition for different additions to the school, be it via teacher quotas or by the addition of wheelchair lifts (even though no member of the school is in one), they will whine until they get their way. Likely the second largest group in the school, many students are members of the group without public knowledge. You can most easily figure out who is a part of it by whether or not they are having a political discussion in the common areas. Upon infiltration, it seems that the group is less about getting political action achieved, and more about getting like-minded individuals together to whinge in unison.

Identifiable Features

  • Age: 13-18+. Generally stems from teenage rebellion, and goes on until they grow up. Dedicated members may never leave the clique
  • Sex: Almost purely female, with a few male members of the group who are either gay or persuaded by their rhetoric. It is definitely not a group for males (or females) uninterested in their politics
  • Outfit: Go into a new tab right now, and google "Tumblr Starter Pack". I don't even need to write this section of the article
  • Other: Probably can't say much more without just being a whinger myself

Academically Minded Crowd

Future STEM folks who are incredibly adept at their school work, while also speaking about as much as a banana. They are likely to end up as geniuses with very advanced jobs, but at the moment rarely interact with other people and only like to spend quiet time with each other. Their main haunts are anywhere away from noise that they can study in, and their are many people who border this group without ever truly getting immersed in.

Identifiable Features

  • Age: There are people in this group who are only in Elementary school, but the clique becomes more defined as they get older.
  • Sex: Mostly equal in terms of gender, but my rough estimation puts more men than female in the groups. However, men in this group hang with men, and women in this group hang with women
  • Outfit: Safe, comfortable, and school appropriate. Plumage is hardly an issue when it comes to these folks
  • Other: Some are actually remarkably clever when they do speak, it's just buried under silence. Must conduct further research as to why this is the case.

Other Groups

This article is hard to write, simply because there are huge amounts of people who simply have groups too small for me to have picked up. I will do a listing format for the ones I have seen at this point, additions are always welcome.

  • Artistic Crowd: A couple people fall into the crowd of artistic and creative. They are friends of the art teacher and likely have a future somewhere in the industry. Outfits are very bohemian and they are frequent habitants of Tumblr
  • Jack of all Cliques: Many people have their fingers in so many cliques they nearly become one of their own. I don't want to call them outsiders in their own groups, but it seems they have a less firm connection the more they spread out. Hardest to notice simply because of their transitioning nature
  • Dalits: The social rejects and leftovers. Some are actually okay people, but most are alone for a reason. Bond together in their solidarity to form a clique of their own. I hope to god they don't shoot up the school.