The Allendale Columbia school is huge, with all three grade blocks. Each block is distinct for the fact that have several distinctive traits and a disdain for any grade that is not them. This guide is to help you tell which student is which, just by looking at them.

The Lower School

The Lower School contains all of the grade school children. They are adorable little munchkins and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

The Middle School

The Middle School is an intricate beast. A few years back it was filled with many diverse people and ideas, with no true main issues.

That all went away with the creation of the video game "Minecraft." Now every kid and their mother are into the game and try to use it to teach in some fashion, which is both delightfully quaint, and a little irksome.

They're great and all, but if you're in the High School, you dread their arrival into your ranks

The High School

The High School is a time for discovery and finding out who you truly are, and as such, the grades tend to be very different in how they come across. As of now, this is how you can discern who's who

The 9th Grade

The current 9th grade is filled with a collection of people, but their most defining trait is the fact that they have absolutely no qualms about spending time with their upperclassmen. This sounds like a great trait, but the fact is, that they have no idea that the 9th grade is a time in which the students are universally hated.

Without fail, every 9th grade has historically been the blame for every issue, every mess, and every noise. In a sort of ritualistic hazing, the 9th grade is a time to learn that it's important to have friends your age.

The 10th Grade

The current 10th grade is a cage of screaming chimps with no lock on the door. Loud, brash, and carefree, the 10th graders are looking to have fun whether the noise is obtrusive or not. The quiet are few and far between, and when the trouble comes it's never anyones fault.

The 11th Grade

The 11th grade is an interesting bunch. Most decide to keep to themselves and study diligently, while the most vocal decide to spout off any political opinion that springs to mind. That would be manageable, if they had any idea how to find the "Off Switch"

The 12th Grade

The word that best encompasses the 12th grade is "Flambouyant." Theatre kids, musicians, vocalists. You'd be harder pressed to find a person outside of the music building than in. From them skipping down the hall, to them singing in their lounges, the 12th grade is constantly showing themselves off to the community